October 2017

Once heard someone not from North America remarking about popular music all sounding the same. I can appreciate that. At music school they spoke about the differences between Indian Ragas […]

Two best parts of the AGO Halloween kids party. One was realizing on the dance floor when YMCA came on that it was one of the greatest examples ever of […]

Sometimes I can get my left hand to solo and my right hand to accompany. It wouldn’t be accurate to say it’s just a reversal of the usual relationship. When […]

Strange facts about grants. The artist is suppose to explain what they will make before they have made it. Let’s say Chopin comes back to life or Jimi Hendrix or Billie Holiday. […]

As above so below. There’s two worlds all the time, the big world and the small world. The world of international stars and the world of local stars. For every […]

Another reissue to Spotify. More than 20 years old. Was a long labour of love making this one. Alone in my new digs middle of nowhere. Squirrels throwing parties at […]

I’m an insomniac, don’t know why. Once in awhile I have a long deep sleep and wake up refreshed. like I won the lottery. Writing music also feels like I […]

The Drawer Boy which I scored earlier this year (and found amazing), was turned down by TIFF which makes no sense. Yesterday it won Grand Prize at the Heartland Film […]