Monthly Archives: October 2017


Once heard someone not from North America remarking about popular music all sounding the same. I can appreciate that. At music school they spoke about the differences between Indian Ragas and I couldn’t follow what they meant. Now as I walk into busy Future Bakery, barely hear 3 notes of a song over the Saturday night crowd, instantly tell it is Stevie Wonder’s harmonica and a second later I realize it is Boogie On Reggae Woman even though most other musical elements are obliterated by the people eating, drinking and flirting. Never ceases to amaze me how few combinations there are of 3 or 4 notes and yet many of us recognize it is the instant we hear it.

trick or treat

Two best parts of the AGO Halloween kids party. One was realizing on the dance floor when YMCA came on that it was one of the greatest examples ever of songs that had an effect on power or culture. Other best part was when my 5 yr. old asked me (told me) if I could stand over by the wall, far away from her dance space.


Sometimes I can get my left hand to solo and my right hand to accompany. It wouldn’t be accurate to say it’s just a reversal of the usual relationship. When it’s really happening it’s like Star Trek, I’m experiencing teleportation.