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A friend who studied states of consciousness said “It’s amazing when you play piano that your attention is divided.”

“What’s the big deal about that?” I didn’t understand.

He clarified “You do more than one thing at once so your mind is in more than one place simultaneously.”

So what about people driving a car I thought? I think about this a lot. You can drive and not think about it and you can play music on auto pilot too. I admire the opposite very much. Driving and thinking about what you’re doing, playing music and being present for each note


at least trying to.



Been wondering if there is a literature out there about music altering power, stories in history, then or now, where musical works did something to power structures like governments or other. Like the stories people sent me last month about Leadbelly getting out of jail after writing music about the governor. Like Stevie Wonder writing MLK birthday song and eventually a holiday was established. Like Pussy Riot waking up Russia about it’s totalitarianism run amok. Are there writers or thinkers associated with this? Christopher Smalls maybe? Others?


[Re: Aug 30]  Evan Parker is a God, agreed.

[Re: Aug 30] Hi Bob! Your posts are doing people a lot of good, people like me. Amazing. I finished a new record and put out a teaser. I’d love to share it with you if I can be so presumptuous. Would you like a hard copy or just the files when it’s ready?

[Re: Sept 3]   Have you noticed everyone responds not about what you post?

[Re: Sept 11] How come you aren’t writing about Blue Rodeo? That doesn’t make sense. I like you.

[Re: Sept 20] The Captain approves.

[Re: Oct 15] Bob’s Red Hill. Are you saying  you don’t like oats grown in Canada traveling to America being shipped back to Canada for a higher price than oats from Canada? But come on he lets the American employees share in the revenue, doesn’t that make you feel good? What’s wrong with you Wiseman?

[Re: Oct 16] I like this book you are making.