October 2017

Sitting in a coffee shop with many seniors in Nanton AB one afternoon while touring that area and a Chris Isaak song came over the little restaurant speakers. The clientele […]

One time I showed up to a place where another artist was rehearsing who knew some of my work. He was excited to meet me and to show me his […]

The air in the study room is dense from microwaved meat. Now might be a good time to try playing the trumpet. Just cover your ears man, enjoy your food. […]

A friend who studied states of consciousness said “It’s amazing when you play piano that your attention is divided.” “What’s the big deal about that?” I didn’t understand. He clarified “You […]

Been wondering if there is a literature out there about music altering power, stories in history, then or now, where musical works did something to power structures like governments or […]

[Re: Aug 30]  Evan Parker is a God, agreed. [Re: Aug 30] Hi Bob! Your posts are doing people a lot of good, people like me. Amazing. I finished a new record […]

Had  a conversation with a musician crushed by an album review. Reminds me of a theatre company in Atlanta where my friend Joe King worked as an actor among many other […]

. In the health food store earlier. Bob’s Red Mill products always priced way more than same product with different packaging. A betrayal to Bobs everywhere. Then Billy Joel comes […]


At an open stage 30 years ago I heard a woman called Anhai (pronounced an-eye) she played an acoustic guitar strumming a rhythmic loop more or less and her guitar […]

Three songs with synthesizers that get me every time.   . Here Comes The Sun (because I heard it 500,000 times before noticing it was there and what it did) […]