Monthly Archives: October 2017


Strange facts about grants. The artist is suppose to explain what they will make before they have made it. Let’s say Chopin comes back to life or Jimi Hendrix or Billie Holiday. Bet a record company or 50 would materialize offering to release whatever they want to record. I wonder if they also need the new zombie to explain in advance what they haven’t yet written? I wish they would just trust us and have the guts to let winning applicants proceed without having to bullshit about the content.


Two Worlds

As above so below. There’s two worlds all the time, the big world and the small world. The world of international stars and the world of local stars. For every truly amazing actor everyone knows a truly amazing unknown actor. True in every art form – painters, dancers, musicians, etc.  My students love Bruno Mars but there’s someone local just as good, maybe better just not yet sponsored by Heineken or touring the world with a major label 360 deal.

An artist from Toronto bemoaned to me once in the late 90s “I’m just going to write some hits – I’ve had it”. She isn’t the first person to talk that way, yes she knew the ingredients common to hits in terms of melody, lyrics, structure and arrangement. Now it’s about 20 years later and you’ve never heard of her. Maybe she changed her mind…or maybe there were some missing links to her plan – perhaps the interest of someone with a lot of money to back the project, advertise and promote it. Also maybe a little luck was needed. You can’t plan luck but you can be smart enough to realize luck is in the room when it opens the door.