October 2017

Read that someone was collecting retorts to hecklers, asking for contributions but instead reminds me of witnessing performers die from heckling. Saw a solo musician enter into a nervous breakdown […]

  Good improvisors get to experience making life. If audiences get it, it’s the same for them.

Listened to an older professor explain to students how to think about being on stage when presenting academic papers. Told them to take notes to the podium then walk away […]

Was told that my perceived reality is an illusion by a person who also is perceiving reality and they conclude their right to understand things is superior because they like […]

Yesterday I drank the worst coffee ever, I knew it as I ordered it, no turning back. A little voice held hostage up until the cup reached the tongue said […]

Would like to see a hidden camera on composers offered a lot of money to score with ridiculous directions. We have $18,000 in the budget can you make it sound […]

When I read Joe Zawinul and Joni Mitchell criticizing Pastorius I was upset. How could they say that when I was so blown away by his bass adventures? He could […]

My favourite theme in a podcast is for On The Media http://www.wnyc.org/shows/otm/ because it’s maybe a whole tone melody? Pretty amazing and it all comes down to something more than […]

Hate trying to prove something about what the future could bring for someone in the arts. Don’t want to go there. . To clear the anxieties of parents who want […]

Thinking about that time on Youtube Harper played Imagine with a kid next to him during the election which he won with a majority. One possibility was he was trying […]