Monthly Archives: October 2017

i believe when i fall in love it will be forever

When the records were on Warner Music Canada, I took a chance that the association of corporate might could be permission to dream. Went to the CNIB asked if they could produce a letter into Braille and sent it to Stevie Wonder; would he consider producing me. Never heard back. Who knows if he ever got it and why should he give a shit but I still like my line of thought, follow my instincts and don’t cry about whether it’s possible.

At the same time I like to tell students the music business is like a building with a hole in the front door that 10 million people are trying to squeeze into and the other side is standing room only. But if you must you must, nothing wrong with that.

Michelle McAdorey once said something complimentary to me along the lines of hoping I don’t get jaded. Little did she know I was already so jaded that I proceed with my dreams anyway.



Accidentally Acquired Beliefs

Another reissue to Spotify. More than 20 years old. Was a long labour of love making this one. Alone in my new digs middle of nowhere. Squirrels throwing parties at 3am in the ceiling. Evangelist neighbour children curious to talk to a stranger weird as me. Ripped off when tried to hire contractor to install skylights. Beautiful willow, black walnut and wood stove. Time making this overlapped with Carmaig, Tangiene, Liz, Selina, Dave Lee, Willy Wisely. Don Kerr driving people up, checking in on me and the amazing moments with horns and friendly energy of Chris Brown.



I’m an insomniac, don’t know why. Once in awhile I have a long deep sleep and wake up refreshed. like I won the lottery. Writing music also feels like I go to bat and go to bat and go to bat and once in awhile knock it out of the ballpark.