Monthly Archives: October 2017


The Drawer Boy which I scored earlier this year (and found amazing), was turned down by TIFF which makes no sense. Yesterday it won Grand Prize at the Heartland Film Festival in USA. That feels better.

nanton, ab

Sitting in a coffee shop with many seniors in Nanton AB one afternoon while touring that area and a Chris Isaak song came over the little restaurant speakers. The clientele started to argue about which Blue Rodeo song this is. At a certain point I couldn’t take it any longer and piped in that it wasn’t Blue Rodeo it was Chris Isaak. One guy with anchor tattoos and Popeye forearms looks me in the eye expressionlessly and tells me it’s definitely Blue Rodeo. Imagine the ace I held up my sleeve which if I tried to use would only confirm to him and his pals that I am a delusional fool, cruisin’ for a bruisin’.


One time I showed up to a place where another artist was rehearsing who knew some of my work. He was excited to meet me and to show me his imitation of me. It was basically an imitation of a rotten singer which perhaps I am but even weirder was that the guy expected us to be pals after that.