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[Re: Aug 30]  Evan Parker is a God, agreed.

[Re: Aug 30] Hi Bob! Your posts are doing people a lot of good, people like me. Amazing. I finished a new record and put out a teaser. I’d love to share it with you if I can be so presumptuous. Would you like a hard copy or just the files when it’s ready?

[Re: Sept 3]   Have you noticed everyone responds not about what you post?

[Re: Sept 11] How come you aren’t writing about Blue Rodeo? That doesn’t make sense. I like you.

[Re: Sept 20] The Captain approves.

[Re: Oct 15] Bob’s Red Hill. Are you saying  you don’t like oats grown in Canada traveling to America being shipped back to Canada for a higher price than oats from Canada? But come on he lets the American employees share in the revenue, doesn’t that make you feel good? What’s wrong with you Wiseman?

[Re: Oct 16] I like this book you are making.

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Had  a conversation with a musician crushed by an album review. Reminds me of a theatre company in Atlanta where my friend Joe King worked as an actor among many other thespians not arriving from the usual channels. The director encouraged using pseudonyms because critical reviews can hurt maybe less so when it isn’t even the real name you go by. (Joe King?)
That was interesting advice. It’s not easy to hear rejection publicly but at least if they are using not your real name it’s like the jokes on them. And if it was flipped and the reviews were flattering it’s also good, harder to get big headed because again that’s not you they’re writing about . 

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In the health food store earlier. Bob’s Red Mill products always priced way more than same product with different packaging. A betrayal to Bobs everywhere. Then Billy Joel comes on the speakers. Now I can simultaneously dislike Bob’s Red Mill and Billy Joel together. Not so bad, only thing missing is Christie Blatchford entering the store.