November 2017

Spoiler alert. In the movie American Beauty, homophobic army guy makes a pass at straight neighbour, is rebuffed. Then filled with shame he murders the man who was the object […]

You know I teach piano and songwriting right? Skype lessons too if you live in Finland. Save more than 99 cents on my Xmas sale. Growing up I heard that […]

Little person starts to cry confronted with my impatience. Isn’t possible for her to understand that the dance class starts at a certain time. She can’t tell time and she […]

Like improvising in front of an audience. One musician plays something you don’t like but you can’t exactly stop, you keep going. Some instant choices, for instance restate your idea […]

Little person is into knock knock jokes. As far as she understands the point of the jokes is just to have a last line which could be anything. For instance […]

>Bob I liked a letter you posted and have a question too. >How do I get a song that is a hit to the right people? LOve >all the posts […]

>Bob I’m playing with musicians I have a negative >personal relationship with. Do you think continuing to play >together is a good idea or not? The music is really good. […]

Yesterday was several kind of blue. The blue eye glass frames on the woman on the subway, wondering how does one do that? How the homeless woman in the Bank […]

If only it passed the kindergarten lunch test. Collard and rice paper rolls with tempeh, grated beet, carrot, some garlic and ginger, feeling proud. Some people sent me venom when […]

Never understood why they don’t make benches available in the subway the length of the station for the waiting public like Parisians do. Is it just fear of poor people […]