Monthly Archives: November 2017

dear abbey

>Bob I’m playing with musicians I have a negative
>personal relationship with. Do you think continuing to play
>together is a good idea or not? The music is really good.
Have had to cancel sessions due to drugs, alcohol, forgetfulness or other mental health problems. Depending on how complicated it is for me to handle, if their actual talent destroyed me, I probably reschedule. It isn’t like my own history is free from moments of being a total jerk.
But it is a different story if I have to travel with someone, hang out all day and night. I vote to work with people I enjoy being around instead of how well they play. Very depressing to be in a traveling band with people you are allergic to.


Yesterday was several kind of blue. The blue eye glass frames on the woman on the subway, wondering how does one do that? How the homeless woman in the Bank of Nova Scotia lobby used her blue shoes to get the young business man out of her seat. The darkening blue sky as puffs of snow floated down tall windows. Someone in class presented a talk about intuition, asked everyone to take 3 deep breaths and internally say “I am creative and intuitive” then doodle on paper for a minute, then share or interpret their doodles. My doodle was the words “this is stupid and a waste of time, I do not give a shit about this, creativity is not about taking deep breaths in order to be enabled “. I considered sharing and imagined my explanation would simply be asking if anyone can guess what it means? Eventually I couldn’t take it and piped up from a different angle, the one I know and said when people listen to music they reserve special anticipation for the solo because it is like a demonstration of intuition and creativity. The how much should I say blues.


If only it passed the kindergarten lunch test. Collard and rice paper rolls with tempeh, grated beet, carrot, some garlic and ginger, feeling proud. Some people sent me venom when I wrote how people can hold contrary views about art. I’m so mean and so wrong to imagine someone could love Bryan Adams while someone else is repelled by him. New idea for a play about my religious brother and how I might sneak the consideration of a different point of view into his cerebral cortex. I can see the ending and the beginning but not yet the middle. Ran into Ravi Naimpally and that chance encounter might lead to us playing together which might lead to who knows what but if fantasies of being in the Mahavishnu Orchestra or Weather Report or Return To Forever ever could come true, likely starts by exploring the expertise of heavyweights.