December 2017

Saw Coco the other day, that’s two children’s movies in one week. Used to envy those Hollywood musicians, and who wouldn’t want a shot like that, not to mention the […]

Interesting to hear more land acknowledgements this year. Opening remarks at public events stimulate thought even though some people read it without much life in their voice. Guess you can’t […]

The Tranzac has a raffle coming up in March to raise money for soundproofing between rooms, improving the place. I reached  out to some friends and associates to see if […]

10 Regrets of 2017   Trump is not yet in jail.   Criticizing Darren Frost’s Rivoli set from many years ago without realizing the violent backstory.   Every time I […]

Sometimes one finds an alternative universe in another country where strangers sing the same song to the same 5 people in the audience  

Lose all objectivity making a midi drum track. In isolation I might believe the kick or snare even a cymbal but once I play it repetitiously it never holds up […]

Jimmy Fallon imitating Bruce Springsteen singing Santa Claus is coming to town substituting new lyrics Robert Mueller’s coming to town – which isn’t a bad joke. The bad joke is […]

Used to drive on the left and faster than the pack but experience altered me. Now the slow lane, no guarantee but better odds for longevity. Hard to not play […]

Yesterday coconut chick pea  improvisation, worth it.  Later added bass to Katasha’s song, trying to do Vulcan mind meld with Kendrick Lamar production values, so far it is easier in […]

First musical gear stolen was after a show at the Holiday Tavern. A bag of pedals and patch chords. There was a group of tough guys who used to do […]