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10 regrets of 2017

10 Regrets of 2017
Trump is not yet in jail.
Criticizing Darren Frost’s Rivoli set from many years ago without realizing the violent backstory.
Every time I fall for believing the answer lies outside.
Not writing certain stories for fear of complications, like being fired.
Still having no idea how Keith Jarrett played The Windup with two hands.
That the Youtube video of June Tyson speaking about improvising with Sun Ra has been taken down.
CBC never takes me up on my podcast/ show ideas.
Offering new music demo to ancient music publisher.
My attempt at making snowball cookies.
Failing the contest to avoiding hearing McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime.


Lose all objectivity making a midi drum track. In isolation I might believe the kick or snare even a cymbal but once I play it repetitiously it never holds up on playback. The peculiar thing is if I listen to anyone else doing it, there is a higher probability I am ok with it. Even when I hear horrible drum samples in popular music it doesn’t annoy me half as much as if I do it. There is something about the difference of attention.