December 2017

On the back of an album of music by Beethoven, read when the piece was first performed he had to do an encore of it, meaning the whole 40 minute […]

I got her off script for just one moment. Can you please not play the horrible music while I’m on hold? She laughed and said no music? Yes I’m a […]

Six years ago I was asked to play at a benefit for Japan following the earthquake and tsunami and later asked if I would accompany Margaret Atwood reading a poem. […]

Student: I’m going to see Star Wars tomorrow, #8 return of the Jedi, I haven’t seen this but I know everything about Star Wars.   Teacher: You know Akira Kurosawa? […]

In the improvising world you work at listening (which changes what passes for thought). The extent to which you continue thinking is proportional to what is accomplished musically. That probably […]

Sometimes I’m totally distracted by someone in the audience. Sometimes it’s tempting to do certain flourishes that audiences like even if I don’t. Sometimes I thought it was great but […] Neil Young is all online. All his archives. I found myself listening to Revolution Blues, the song about the Manson Family but never knew it was Rick Danko and […]

leonard cohen at the junos in vancouver 25 years ago. just a handshake by the back door as he was leaving. wished a handshake could be a long conversation but […]

Want to trade cds?   No its ok.   What do you mean?   I heard you play earlier, not my thing.   That’s so mean.   Isn’t it mean […]

There’s this funny thing that happens when you play a mistake and try to fix it. Often you play the mistake over and over and over expecting to play it […]