Monthly Archives: December 2017


First musical gear stolen was after a show at the Holiday Tavern. A bag of pedals and patch chords. There was a group of tough guys who used to do security there and they were considered the culprits but I don’t know. Never saw it again. I sure loved playing the Holiday Tavern, main floor, those 2 or 3 years that it was the new revamped modern place to be in deep purple splendour.
Second time was while producing Andrew Cash at Streetbrothers. A big empty parking lot. Van window smashed in, 2 guitars and amp and rack mount effects gone. After they were caught, cops said glue sniffers. It was too late for recovering the guitars. Between the capture and the theft everyone said “didn’t you have insurance?” No but I did ever since.
Third time New York. Everything was in the car of the guy who drove us then his car was stolen. Nice young Canadian guy, Peter, drove us down and then when it was time to return…….car was missing. But 9 days later, it was found with everything intact in a tow truck lot. Too bad because meantime my insurance claim was about to reimburse me with a bunch of new beautiful replacements.
At least 3 times other people took me aside to say this person that person were stealing from me, imitating my song or my style. I didn’t think so or if it was true I was left thinking they can’t steal how I made it or my process besides who exactly are you going to complain to? And what is more ludicrous being upset about imitation or Arista issuing refunds when Milli Vanilli was exposed?

beethoven, karma

On the back of an album of music by Beethoven, read when the piece was first performed he had to do an encore of it, meaning the whole 40 minute piece again. At that time people couldn’t hear it again unless it was live. I like rewinding, trying to see the before, would love to get a solid glimpse into my ancestors, generations back, where were they, who were they. Bet we’re all connected to murderers, rapists, saints, maybe artists. Someone from 5000 years ago, is in a way still alive because we are. The genes of my ancestors obviously weren’t very good at making cookies. That must be why it is a struggle for me but then again only tried once, a couple days ago. Maybe the instincts they passed to me were to judge too quickly or I got blogging genes. My dentist retired this year, he hated Beethoven. He was a bit of a classical music nerd and when he caught wind of my composition ambitions he said skip Beethoven, don’t waste your time there. Didn’t take his advice and fortunately the string quartets really kill me. Wonder if I’ll get the quartets I wrote recorded by people instead of Logic Pro X. Karma is a nice idea but I don’t believe in it. Too much that is evil goes to sleep at night pleased with itself and what it got away with.

on hold

I got her off script for just one moment. Can you please not play the horrible music while I’m on hold? She laughed and said no music? Yes I’m a musician. She laughed again, no problem I hate it too.
No doubt as surveillance cameras, wherever she is stationed, caught the unsanctioned response, she probably got fired.