Boris said to his piano teacher, Mrs. Schneider   Why is it you never say anything nice about my playing?   Mrs. Schneider replied, because the part of you that […]

Struck up an online friendship 10 years ago with Clancy Sigal, he died in 2017. Learned some interesting things from his writing. The article below he wrote on remembering Pete […]

Never thought to ask who his wild love was or where she was going, never cared about what time she’d be home or even if they were in love. All […]

Watched an interview last winter with American record company executive with horrible stories of abuse from her boss, other stories about discovering talent. I tried to find an email address […]

My father would watch the news when he got home from work. I heard about Watergate over and over but I remember music in the 70s much more clearly than […]

I was blindsided when my daughter found motivation. I thought I could present her with compelling reasons to learn piano by playing little snapshots of peppa pig or yellow submarine […]

I wasn’t planning to check Beatles White album remixes but then somebody posted an alt take of Revolution and for anyone who knows their Beatles, it was like being in […]

from time to time i return to a project – making commercial sounding demos for some of my songs. my sense is that the michael bublé’s of the world (or […]

On the airplane home from Winnipeg there was a woman sitting next to me who had a violin and placed it under the seat in front of her. It is […]