January 2018

When the massage therapist who was working on my back muscles asked me what I did and when I said I’m a musician and when she asked me if I […]

There is a cruel musician joke about drummer Buddy Rich who despite great musical reputation was equally known for throwing hissy fits at the musicians he employed. I think about […]

I always knew the Harry Belafonte song Matilda started off Matilda! Matilda! But I didn’t realize the next line was “she take me money and run (to) Venezuela”. That’s the trouble […]

Teacher: You’re out of tune with the keyboard could you check your tuning? Student: Why don’t you ask her? Teacher: Her keyboard has preset pitch already established. Student: You could […]

There is a zone my 5 yr old gets into where everything is a why question. Why is that blue? Why are there police? Why is Trump president? Why is […]

Overheard students discussing a speech about coalition building by Bernice Johnson Reagon (of Sweet Honey in the Rock). On the value of risking the involvement of people you do not […]

Trying to catch my bias and interrupt it,  decent cheap thrill. If I didn’t put effort into it, my right hand would just play piano same way over and over. […]

New semester. Students discuss which songs they will do over next months. I ask if this time they will consider writing original songs, luke-warm response. Still more eager to play […]

There is a certain gesture I like using currently as a starting point in improvisations, like the way certain people have a usual chess opening. It positions me to consider […]

Sometimes when I meet people into astrology, who ask me when I was born, I like making up different sun sign answers. I like the knowing recognition on their face. They […]