Monthly Archives: January 2018

cheap thrills

Trying to catch my bias and interrupt it,  decent cheap thrill. If I didn’t put effort into it, my right hand would just play piano same way over and over. Trying to practice it, tune into preference then reject it. A new shirt, which one looks ridiculous,  buy it. Parking car, that’s too far,  park there. Which movie wouldn’t I put on in Netflix, so choose it. On the subway which seat would be uncomfortable (the middle), sit there.

Trying to interfere with habits leads to get different musical experiences.

pressure drop

New semester. Students discuss which songs they will do over next months. I ask if this time they will consider writing original songs, luke-warm response. Still more eager to play covers. So we audition their collection of favourites. This always results in a couple interesting things.
1/ I learn about things that are recently popular.
2/ They learn the teacher doesn’t know shit about songs they think significant. Also means their inner doubt meter goes up re: why was this guy hired?
The song that stood out for me was by Bedouin Sound Clash called When The Night Feels My Song. It stood out as Juno contender for most obvious rip off. In the chorus totally doing Pressure Drop by Toots and the Maytals. This rivals He’s So Fine by The Chiffons or Taurus by Spirit.

your cheating heart

There is a certain gesture I like using currently as a starting point in improvisations, like the way certain people have a usual chess opening. It positions me to consider a bunch of angles, then the piece proceeds – who knows in which direction. For some years, thought as an improvisor, one should make everything new always. That is still part of my thinking but now less interested in being anal about it. It’s like if a country singer does Your Cheatin’ Heart tonight in Toronto it isn’t the exact same tomorrow in Peterborough, it isn’t the same moment.