January 2018

More so they do it underground in Europe. Often I don’t remember, but then I look up and I do. Many wires get the electricity into each home. Like if […]

Skating with 5 year old who clings to plastic support thing which I am pulling on the ice to help her move forward. Briefly stop the teenage ice patrol for […]

Keyboard in Baba O’Riley was an effect not tendonitis experiment.   No cymbals in Do You Know The Way To San Jose.   Lyrics to Savoy Truffle was just a […]

If there isn’t free will than what’s going on when I make something up on the piano? Do we have free will or are we at the mercy of our […]

While recently in Winnipeg my mother said she is grateful for art in her life and the useful role it plays in her aging, soon she will be 90. I […]

My friend musician Sam Larkin developed hearing problems and in the last years, I asked him about it one time. I liked his explanation, “hearing aids work terrible with music. and […]

There was a sax player from out of town who played solos that blew some minds. When finishing and receiving applause they pointed at their instrument like it should take […]

There was a musician who loved sorting through their habits and later played at avoiding them. Their favourite personal contributions were whatever didn’t sound like them. This frustrated many people […]

Being the youngest in the band, I was the recipient of a lot of advice in the early years of Blue Rodeo. Time to update something one member shared with […]

kid: Why is it when I try to play something that is tough, after a long time practicing over and over, I can do it?   teacher: I don’t know, […]