January 2018

In the amazing doc about pianist Slatioslav Richter, he spoke lots about Russian musicians who I knew nothing about. One that sounded curious was Maria Yudina who also was Stalin’s […]

Airplane back from Winnipeg, Blade Runner playing. As it started I read the credits, Harrison Ford, Edward Olmos, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer and I thought how cool they got the […]

Here Winnipeg, frozen river. Once, under Donald street bridge, took a chance walked slowly across it, there was a path after all of others who went before me. Same feeling […]

Animals are already in that space improvisors are trying to sniff out. They’re paying attention to every second, already living it. I used to think it was valuable to try […]

5 and 6 year old kids, already on the bus,  return my look with stone expressions, in the mornings when I walk my daughter to the bus. I make a […]

The woman ahead of me at the 24 hr Sobey’s had a $424.24 total. I was amazed. I asked the cashier after if that was exceptional oh no she said. […]