February 2018

Sometimes, back at school, I am in a position where I must endure stuff I am not into. In those moments a wee bit immobilized. Want to say things I […]

Sometimes I have been told by people that so and so is imitating you or ripping you off but truth is I started it. I crossed the line worse than […]

When I was little I saw Lightnin’ Hopkins at the Playhouse in Winnipeg, saw Muddy Waters too but Lightnin’ Hopkins felt more powerful or unique, seemed like we all were […]

I have a box of old music, cassettes, cds, vinyl and I was going through it trying to justify why it takes up space. Many amazing things in the box. […]

If they are going to discuss whether to sentence a youth as an adult or a youth – calls having rules into question. If they were a youth at the […]

Why can’t I take lessons with you? I didn’t say you couldn’t take lessons, I said I couldn’t teach you. Why can’t you teach me? Because you don’t practice. I’m […]

Some musicians try to control every detail, want credit for playing every instrument, deciding every fader level, judging every outside player’s contribution and others are pliable, unfazed to try supplying […]

There was a music building at the University of Manitoba and sometimes I had my own winter olympics there, arriving at night and not slipping on icy stairs. Being Winnipeg, one […]

Heard an interview with Hanson on CBC, listened to them say things like this. fame is really not impressive…….the interesting thing is the future…………we’re celebrating 25 years for a reason, […]