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juggling trick

Everybody’s mind contains a drunk heckler sitting in the front row. The stakes are heightened when one starts considering how inner thought can foil the whole thing like juggling one ball more. ¬†Thought knows for the purpose of the music, it must turn itself off – that is why it grabs the microphone and starts screaming. Actual physical juggling with little bean bags should be part of a songwriting course.


She plays white notes in the middle of the piano with both hands slowly, random spots. I join on the upper register at same speed just different random white notes. Magali enters the room and gets what’s left of the piano bench and adds bass notes. She wants to be able to play Mary Had A Little Lamb in front of an audience like her pal from school. Little does she know what’s happening right now is also an amazing performance. Frankly, way heavier than Mary Had a Little Lamb and she’s the composer. Wish I could convey to her that this is totally a viral youtube performance consumed by a million or 2 but you know, it’s bedtime.


One of them wants to have a meeting to discuss the performance after it is over, fine with me and yet I don’t seem to be able to get it across that the mark is based on the rehearsals not the 30 minutes on stage. Like picking musicians to tour with. I wouldn’t ask someone primarily because of musicianship, the main factor would be personality: showing up, taking criticism, making suggestions, helping lift things. Yesterday last class. I’m lax about the 9am start time. They live far away, come from Scarborough, Markham and Mississauga, using combinations of buses and subway. My job to oversee rehearsals. I let it reveal itself without trying to control much except for the fact I tried to persuade them toward writing original songs, I failed, it is all covers. If the same songs are rehearsed 40 times a lot happens from familiarity. They sound as good as anything on the Junos. The sequence reflects their mutual taste, as mutual as any randomly throw together group of people can be. They perform tonight Saturday at 10:00 at the Tranzac. Consider coming and experiencing this blog post in 3D.