May 2018

Sometimes I’m blown away by someone’s music and that’s a good enough reason to try working with them, this job is about music first. Sometimes I’m not blown away but […]

Musicians seem like birds singing, sounding, listening, responding, jamming. Originally this was written as birds sure seem like musicians, then realized the error.

There was a musician at the college into mystical arts and she said to me there is no I inside you. Every time you say I it is just a […]

While the kid sat slowly playing white keys, realized my mother sat in the same position 4 years earlier  also improvising slowly.  The difference 80 years between the gene pools […]

Something else about sound that confounds me, that animals often make sounds when they sense predators, dogs bark, birds cry, snakes hiss and yet if we were in the woods […]

other acts on the bill who play way longer than was agreed to. . the producer saying they had a technical problem with the take you preferred but fortunately the […]

Not sure what I enjoy more, the time John Cage put blank stave over a fish tank and had the musicians play the the movement of the single fish inside […]

Working on a rap song with former student, Akeem. Added new vocals to it today courtesy of another former student Katasha and her style lifts the production values significantly as […]

was looking through the richard manuel fan club page. liked him the most. there are theories about him taking his life when in rough shape. my theory is the uneven financial […]

george monbiot’s book about re-wilding was inspiring, later pitched songs based on those ideas for an Ontario Arts Council songwriting grant. won’t get it but at the same time did […]