May 2018

Now $80,000 worth of previous gear comes with $200 music software. Used to be you couldn’t afford to enter  studio, now the studio can be your bedroom or a rooftop, […]

Found a piece of paper someone left on the seat before me on the subway, a playlist. Took me a couple seconds to realize I almost met Jordan Peterson.   […]

Julia can play 2 open chords, E and A but when she watches old Jimmy at the Jamzac comfortably playing bar chords she is in awe. Jimmy, who can play […]

The old Russian conductor admired for musical surprises said in the final interview he owed everything to not thinking about it.

Jokingly said to the guy with the ponytail at home depot cutting the wood I was buying “Is this the job you wished for as a kid” he smiled said […]

Sarah Harmer​ sung on one of my records in the 2000s (theme and variations). The session was inspiring she is very creative and open plus her groovy house was in […]

Had a meeting with CBC friend, possibly doing some segments based on what I’m doing at York – looking at music and power, how songs sometimes make the ruling class […]

Wonder when there will be a Margaret Atwood  or  Salmon Rushdie Filter for writing? A Scorsese filter or Lina Wertmuller plug-in for film treatments? Probably around the corner. I work a […]

Sometimes I’m blown away by someone’s music and that’s a good enough reason to try working with them, this job is about music first. Sometimes I’m not blown away but […]

Musicians seem like birds singing, sounding, listening, responding, jamming. Originally this was written as birds sure seem like musicians, then realized the error.