Turning Down Montreal

If I’m performing my usual music and  films, I will at the end of the day make money or lose money. I will roll with it. There’s a good crowd or not much of a crowd.

I will even play to nobody, as in thems the brakes. Hello empty chair,  listen to this one –  1, 2, 3, “Don’t tell me I’m wrong ’cause I’ve been watching every move that you make”. Nothing is as satisfying as matching surrealism with itself.

I turned down Jonathan Cohen’s  One Man Band Festival in Montreal, that’s him with the rose. Jon wanted me to play the One Man Band Festival. I wanted to play the One Man Band Festival. I suggested I do Actionable because it is an interactive one man show using 3 instruments plus video. Jon was into it, he had promo plans. They sounded great. He is a good man and a excellent writer. Montreal is the only place in Canada where I have not yet performed this play.

To perform the play Actioanble I need a tech person, I need some theatrical elements, lights, dimmers, a controlled environment. More or less and I need a guarantee but he didn’t have the budget for it, goodbye Montreal.

Touring and performing Actionable started as a surprise request from Michael Rubenfeld the curator of Summerworks (though I feel the credit is due as well to Tara Beagan who told Michael the night before he called me “You really should let Bob do a show because someone will cancel” and Michael replied “Nobody has canceled. Bob will play the festival next year – maybe.”

I was there, they had that conversation in front of me.

Michael called the next morning. ” Hi Bob. Guess what, someone canceled.”

So I made a story and it’s called Actionable – about how sometimes through songwriting I came into the orbit of upset lawyers. Before Summerworks finished  I was invited to play another festival in 10 months time. That was in 2009. I have since toured Actionable throughout Canada and twice in New York. Too much fun but so much more effort and pressure than an ordinary show.  Sorry Jon good luck with the Festival.

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