Global Warming is a Random Change.


Hilarious how many lies are presented to people as  fact:

  • Global Warming might be a random change.
  • Commercial radio stations play whatever they want.
  • Rob Ford is a victim of the Toronto Star.

I read once that young Bob Dylan after arriving in New York, with no claim to fame,  soon lied, telling people he had been playing with Woody Guthrie. People were freaked out and they gave him a chance on stage. Dylan’s actual material  impressed the audiences – did it matter that he lied?

Once you get on stage we can all tell how worthy you are (or aren’t). Whatever you have to do to get onto the stage is fair, so says the judge from Riverheights. If you are determined to play by the rules you probably don’t get a chance. Whether it’s right or wrong is another story – I’m  just saying, in a broken world you probably have to think more sideways in order to get a shot. It’s broken most definitely, the world of advertising is all about stating facts which may or may not be true.   Therefore making shit up about yourself is fair, isn’t any different than the publicist or the record company or the journalist explaining to us how amazing this week’s artist is….because they’re getting paid to do that regardless of whether it is true. What resolves this for me is Freddie Stone and the life changing music lesson with him in 1983. Freddie said

“The audience is smart enough to know”

Meaning whatever bullshit you need to do means nothing until you are on stage doing your thing. If you are any good people will get it. If you are phoney they’ll get that too.


  1. So true….so very true. In our culture, a lie becomes true through being told several times….sad


  2. the fourth wall is real. the other three are illusory.


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