Saturday at 9pm

You know what’s really amazing? That I am posting about this freely improvised music concert but all the comments I will see tomorrow will be crazy spam bastards who will say things in the body of their remarks like, “I really agree with what you said in your blog. Keep up the good work” or “I love this blog, I feel the same way”.

They use complimentary language in the hopes you will approve their remarks. I suppose afterward some tricky cookie thingamajig will tell headquarters that you agreed to the comment and then they will zero in on greater bombardment like mosquitoes realizing there is an opening inside your tent and so much blood inside. Truly I would enjoy writing them back and telling them to die but it would only prove to them my actual email address and cement something statistically useful for them so instead I suffer their lame remarks and delete them.

Naturally it’ll be hard to find a seat at this concert since it is freely improvised music which all the kids go batshit over. Good luck legions of fans trying to get in.


  1. I saw you do an improv at Array in 2002 and it was amazing.


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