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I was at a hotel in Edmonton recently; I was attending a conference, (I think I just used a semi colon correctly by the way).

It seemed like a good hotel but when I peeled back the bed cover I found wrinkled sheets. Not that big a deal but not expected especially since the lobby had crazy remarkable shag carpet and a fancy steakhouse adjacent to it. This suggested to me that this hotel was a place where the towels would be clean, the glasses clear and the bedsheets crisp. It didn’t look like they were exactly the same sheets that someone slept in previously or were they? I decided it was ok and went to sleep. Later I woke up and wrote a middle-of-the-night email to Ronley Teper who told me she puts all her stuff in garbage bags when she stays at hotels because she knows about bedbugs. Just thought I would let her know I’m reconsidering my previous laughter at her hotel paranoia.

I was there three nights and when I awoke that last morning of my stay I removed one of the bath towels and discovered what seemed like shit stains on either end of the towel – not recent shit stains either. Pretty sure these babies had been through the wash more than once. Made me wonder how a person folding them would not notice also made me wonder what to do, relieved as I was that I had not tried to use them to dry myself.

At first I thought I would show one of the cleaning people then I decided to show the front desk, then I had a horrible thought – what if they think I did it? What would I then say to them and how would I preserve my moral high ground? I blinked,  decided to take pictures instead,  for you! Yes! One more advantage of following my blog, shit stains. I have more pictures but two is probably more than you need.

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  1. mysterious shite stains like crop circles are of growing concern to me and my fellow conspiracy theorists…. Me thinks it’s nary a need for these frightful acts to express concern for humanity. If not on the towels…..then where ? I fear for your bvds or another cotton receptacle – those that are hidden from view not entirely unseen. It begs the question: where would you have placed that social statement ? Perhaps laying visual siege in a hotel room is not the benign act of willful distaste……it is a rebellion as opposed to toilet paper conformity.


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