Why Did You Quit Blue Rodeo?













Never can shake that shit. Thank god they never made it elsewhere so when I cross the border I lose the extra surname. Occasionally their fans spring the question, discreetly, the way someone invites you to join a pyramid scheme, “can I ask you a question?”.

I can count three steamboats and then they finish, “Why did you quit Blue Rodeo?”

I wasn’t into it. It wasn’t fun anymore. I felt embarrassed posing for pictures as if we were a bunch of pals when we weren’t. Didn’t start like that but it ended up like that, it was depressing.

I understand your curiosity most everybody evaluates life in terms of money. Why leave easy money. I get where you’re coming from, you want me to know you wouldn’t have quit like I did. Thank you very much, how interesting to know that about you. Eventually it feels like Dwayne is explaining his fantasies to me, “Excuse me Dwayne, I’m due back on Earth.”