Vote Which Solo Please

Spent all week mixing Jess Reimer’s new record. One thing to still figure out, should the solo in this song be pedal steel or guitar?

19 thoughts on “Vote Which Solo Please

  1. Shakey Jake Thiessen

    I love them both but I feel the steel adds that little something extra. Steel has my vote.

  2. Jason Ross

    You’re asking a technical question so I will answer technically.

    I would do two things
    1. I would go with the lap steel. It’s definitely a country song and what’s more country than lap steel.

    2. I would bring Jess’ vocals back about 4 or 5%. The music and backups are just a hair too much in the background. Otherwise it’s a super job.

  3. Joel Kroeker

    I thought i would say pedal steel because i feel the same way about it as i do banjo: how can it be wrong to add it into a song? But i think i do like the ache of the guitar more.

  4. Kevin Roy

    I am kind of into the split like Keri mentioned, only I’d like to hear a trade steel into guitar. The steel has great twang and the guitar is chunkier to bring it all back…If I am picking one though I’d say guitar.

  5. Mike

    I think the guitar stands out more as a counter to the steel playing throughout the song. I also think this is a cool blog from what I’ve read of it so far. Great to learn that two incredible artists are working together!

  6. pauline

    both are great but there’s something i really like about the pedal steel – a glimpse of joy in the heartache


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