Guelph & Peterborough

Interesting shows both of them.

Guelph was disorienting because when after a break I arrived back to the space to find now it was standing room only. the artist giving a power point presentation about her artwork was in the middle of it. She was speaking for 90 minutes.  And I never play to a sold out audience. I assumed the crowd would mostly leave after her and I was right though the promoters assured me that that would not be the case.

“many people are coming to see you specifically”

Promoters say this but I know they don’t know what they are talking about. I expect meager attendance. that is how one survives this work. You have to keep your suppositions in check too. Half the audience left before my set and I assumed they weren’t interested in my work, fair enough. But I know that I don’t know and try to reframe things that appear disappointing. I don’t want to be delusional but until I know for sure what happened I try to not let my fantasies run too wild.¬† At the end of the night the other promoter¬† explains to me half the crowd came on a chartered bus from Kitchener and it was booked to leave to return before my set started. That was fascinating. They had to leave! That’s an angle that never occurred to me and vindication to reserve judgment even when it appears insulting until you have all the info.

peterborough. i arrived place was closed. went to the back door through the alley found it unlocked. walked in started to set up. eventually the young owner arrived and asked how i got in. i showed him. it was supposed to be locked, he was upset. looking round at this quaint place i thought it will not be a good show. he had to borrow a direct box and there were no lights. i wondered if i could just turn around and quit. to my surprise there were about 20 people and i had a great time doing the play for them. had to alter the stage to accommodate myself utilizing my own road case as a walkway extension. wish peterborough & guelph would more frequently call me to return.