Ray Opens a New Door

Ray Manzarek Jr. died today (who knew he was Jr(?), but I just read his Wiki). All those journalists who would ask me about Garth Hudson or Rick Wakeman when Blue Rodeo started, who assumed I was trying to do something like those guys.  Nope, sorry, uh uh,  you got the wrong guy.

Who’s the man? Ray Manzarek …fucking Jr!

Ever since I was old enough to realize I loved The Doors I loved the keyboards and I could tell the player was using both hands and that was cooler than most.

In electric bands it seems like the norm is for whoever is called the keyboard player to play with one finger using their right hand. That’s ok if they do something amazing with that one finger but if their using both hands and really musical, that’s amore, and that was generally Ray Manzarek, thinking about counterpoint and being creative. That’s what it’s about.


  1. I know this about you. You are a very fine player and it’s clear Ray Manzarek would have been a clear influence on your playing. I’d like to call on you sometime when we are laying down some tracks. All the best Bob.



  2. I spoke to Ray a few years back. He was incredibly self-deprecating. He would have made a good Canadian. He was a huge influence. Then I heard the early Rodeo albums and I figured, okay, I’m on the right track… I want to sound like these guys.


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