I Understand But It’s Weird.

A cup with a bunch of spoons titled “clean” another cup of spoons says “dirty”. Many coffee shops have this.

If you dirtied a spoon it means you used it to dissolve sugar in your drink. So dirty.

I’m guessing people from around the world are baffled by consumers requiring a spoon that has not dissolved sugar into the previous customer’s drink.


  1. If you ever watch them make your coffee at Tim Hortons, you’ll see the spoon they use to stir with is the same one they use for everybody’s coffee. The thing is, they pull it out of a cup of what looks like dirty water and then drop it back in there when they’re done. Once I saw that, I wouldn’t take the coffee until they made me a new one using a clean spoon. If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t know. I guess the clean/dirty thing takes on a special meaning if you see somebody stir their coffee and then lick the spoon. HA!


  2. It’s the hypocrisy of ‘used’ being ‘dirty’ and ‘new’ being ‘clean’ promoted by advertizing. It’s absurd and deeply ingrained, conversely few people regularly wash their hands before handling edibles…


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