Chocolate Microphone


So I am going to bake a PZM into a cheescake.

I want to do things with microphones that aren’t necessarily how people instruct you to use them. I like to play. Maybe put the mic in a plastic bag, put it in a container of water, then record with it. Maybe move the mic while recording, like someone hold it in their hand and wave the mic at the same time it is being used to record. Maybe put the mic in the next room while recording the lead vocal.

The computer instruments are amazing today. Zillions of parameters to recreate this room sound or that microphone character. So it is like when photography emerged and painters had to ask themselves what they could do now that things could be so perfectly documented by the camera. What could we painters do then that the photo couldn’t? More abstraction and invention that’s what.

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  1. I think you should leave the mic and run around the room while recording the lead vocal,….heh


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