Last year I scored a short film entitled Safar¬† for a new director Mariam Zaidi. She was born in Dubai where her parents are migrant workers. But in Dubai health care is not extended to people born to migrant workers. Her parents wanted to move to Canada since our health care system, as we Canadians know, covers all citizens – but the Canadian Government won’t allow them to immigrate because their 2cnd daughter had cerebral palsy. The thinking is that the 2cnd daughter will be a burden on the Canadian system because she has cerebral palsy even though her only “special needs” are occasional physio therapy.

The opening scene is the filmmaker, Mariam,¬† babysitting her sister via skype. Makes you feel nervous because what if the sister leaves the screen? But she doesn’t and there’s love between them, they like skype-ing.

Dubai is that special place where if a woman reports being raped she could go to jail for having sex outside of marriage. Canada is that special place where we allow immigrants to become Canadians unless they’re poor. Anther proud accomplishment to the legacy of Stephen “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it” Harper.

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