Looking Deeper

I have cat. I don’t want fleas. Been there. The veterinarians sell products that one applies to the cat’s coat, then it is absorbed into their bloodstream altering their coat in a way that fleas or other insects who try to ingest the cat’s skin or hair will be infected with a poison that kills them. I didn’t really think too long about it, the veterinarian says side effects are rare blah blah blah it’s easy to like this nice story especially when it includes having no fleas.

Now I also have a little girl and I’m thinking I should look deeper. The vet recommended flea medication called Revolution, I bought it. Afterward I looked up the Wiki for Revolution’s active ingredient which is Selamectin. Very encouraging to read nothing critical whatsoever except for 1% of animals tested. This makes a consumer feel very good.

Especially helpful if the good feeling consumer does not google Selamectin, children because then they would land on the Natural Resources Defense Council’s website and read about being poisoned or poisoning their children and of course the poisoning of the pet who we were told would rarely have any side effects.

Woe be the consumer who googles the active ingredient Selamectin, children.

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