Bad Kissing

Sometimes people approach me to score a film and explain how to write the music. Weird when they do that; probably they never before worked with a composer. It is as though they assume that is what directors do with composers. But I feel like I’m on a date with someone who has never been kissed. I can sense they’re nervous about everything I do. No matter what – the kiss is doomed. Might be better to not go on that date but those are also moments I’m sometimes proud of. Dealing with dumb situations, gracefully. Hopefully.

Those experiences taught me if someone has expertise in something I want to do with them, then I should try to give them room to show their talent and their instincts because that’s how I would like to be treated. Like a video director, or a guest soloist or a luthier. If it doesn’t work then we’ll try to pick up the pieces but that’s better solved later than trying to control their contribution before we start.

That’s my opinion you didn’t ask for thank you very much. And I’m not looking at you Tony.

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