Hurt one of my ribs, a horrible pain that can’t be helped by Doctors, only time. Days or weeks afraid of coughing, laughing or lying down on the injured side. Definitely no sneezing.

I was swimming with the family in a small body of water, familiarizing my little girl with being in a life jacket and floating. Preparations for a canoe trip happening in September. When I tried to scale the woody floating pier, it was not a simple manoeuvre and I rammed a rib against at a hard right angle and the rib popped! A frightening sound which makes you think you broke it – but if you broke it you wouldn’t be able to sit and ponder writing a blog entry. Let us say it was momentarily pinched like pressing an empty plastic bottle before the form bounces back.

When I took yoga at the Y in Hamilton with fascinating Phil who was 50 but seemed like 17, he would divide people into pairs by the end of the class and set up a deeper stretch utilizing the added force another person could supply. One time it was a position where one was on their hands and knees (maybe a half cobra sorta deal?) and he suggested the second person slowly climb onto the back of the first person….if the first person wanted a deeper stretch. So I told my partner, a heavy woman who didn’t speak English too well to go ahead and climb onto my back. She didn’t understand and didn’t want to. Another guy wandered over and reassured her I wanted her to do this. She still was uncomfortable …then she jumped onto me. Not the direction we were asking.

I was crushed flat like a mosquito and I heard the bang of a rib or two. I was certain the sound must have meant they broke. I remained calm and it wasn’t painful at first as much as it was during the next day. I saw a doctor and learned about ribs and how the heal when bruised. So I am a rib injury vet.


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