80 Year Old Woman Tasered

The thing about being a parent and trying to explain cops to a kid is a modern predicament. You would like to indicate to a tiny person that cops have a useful job in relation to how society works blah blah blah but really, they feel like an army that doesn’t respect citizens who question their authority. Like a group of drunk bouncers with guns and tasers, that’s what many conclude about cops.  So my little girl what can I tell you. If you see a cop should you feel like they are approachable or should you be discreet and move far away from them? (like your father does)

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  1. I have two girls, and they understand the police are great in theory. They are too young to grasp theory, so they understand that the actual role of the police is

    1. Write fines to generate income for their masters.

    2. Act as enforcers for their employers, providing the same deterrent that parents or teachers do. ie: you’re too young/immature to fully understand why this rule is enforced – so we will think and act with impunity until you either comply or are punished.

    3. They have not earned out complete trust. Some po po are just angry little boys acting out in costume.


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