on tarmac, magali pulled over, caa help please – located cds, saw the bean, no hotel room available 2am telephone to amy – funny songs with ian thomas, wendell ferguson and man who obviously listened to much dylan despite making up songs inferring dylan was ugly in 1963 and out of tune both of which i would prefer to settle in an arm wrestle – well organized, food for vegans, kind responsible volunteers throughout – ron and lorne and michael backstage, amy providing me with the red bracelet to go there – always a pleasure to see george koler – played “there is a rhythm” and “lebanon tennessee” with ron – amazing that he has hung with ray davies, sung in his studio. ron’s life is like a science fiction novel, emmy-lou harris’s guitar tech and manager, trying to help the cfru guys score an interview, shared all my insta-conman techniques with no success though they gave it the college try. sitting by peter yarrow, garnet rogers impressive new song, the very boring 3rd participant, the excitement to play with michael pickett and talk about camping, too bad the experience of sound techs left him not too pleased – playing acoustically, former indian rd. guy jordan and his wife and blue eyed baby, ken of tranzac board in his element as were colin, john, jennifer and michael. that older woman kissed my hand but peter yarrow kissed magali’s hand. she wins.

Video of Ron Sexsmith & Bob @ Mariposa