Ruining Jess Reimer’s Record

I lost an entire record on the Toronto Transit System. December 2012, I just finished ten days in Winnipeg arranging recording with Jess Reimer. This was her new record for Pipe and Hat records. The plan after doing vocals and guitar was to take a break until January, then we would work on the drums, guitars, horns, strings. We spent a lot of quality time  and I thought to myself, the night before departing perhaps I should back it all up on the Winnipeg studio’s computer. No that’s okay I don’t want them to start listening to mixes that don’t yet count and then get all identified with it blah blah blah. What are the odds I will die in a plane crash? Relax Bob. I’ll take the only copy with me and everything will be fine.

But during the flight I rethought my procedures and concluded it wasn’t logical and I really should always back up everything especially if I’m traveling. Anyway I landed in Toronto – I made it, nothing to worry about now.  Boarded the bus from the airport to the subway. Got off the bus and onto the subway, pleased with myself as the train barreled East and just before we got to my station, Dundas West, I realized I was sitting with my suitcase but not my knapsack, the one which contained my new Macbook Pro and the external drive (Jess’s record) was not with me. With each passing instant of this realization I felt more vertigo swelling inside me. Felt like I was in an unreleased Alfred Hitchcock film. I last had it on the bus from the airport…could it still be there? This is Toronto. A brand new Macbook Pro?!! Forget it.

There was nothing to do except accept the situation and try to be calm. I started planning her compensation. I would refund my fee and do the work all over again at my expense. There was no other alternative.

When I returned to the initial subway station I inquired about the bus from the airport and it turned out there was protocol – they will not tell you if they found the item or not until you ask the driver yourself. (?)  So I had to wait for the driver. Kind of weird but what do I care I’m in a Hitchcock film and why shouldn’t everything be weird? The bus that would arrive in 20 minutes from now was probably the bus I was on, according to the man in charge who spoke quietly into his cellphone to mysterious other people after understanding my situation.

Why didn’t I have a back up? Pig headed about secrecy. I decided whatever the outcome from now on I would use dropbox so at least there was a copy backed up using that invisible world of the internet where secret service people play. It’s a fabulous world no?

But back to my story. The bus showed up, I asked the driver if he was the driver of the bus when I was on it, I described everything to him while he kept the same expressionless distant look and then he pulled out my knapsack from behind his chair and said “Merry Christmas”.



  1. Bobby ~ Of course you would have been able to retrieve it, and the bus driver was not just any “regular” dude, because, you’ve put out enough good Karma for many lifetimes, and Jess’ and your talents are timeless.



  2. I get my kicks reading this now and again. Good times.


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