About Sam Larkin: reincarnation

sam-black-and-whiteSam believed in past lives. I never could get my head around that line of thought. He told me when we met in 1982 that I had obviously been playing music in previous lives.

“Are you for real?”

“Oh yes Bob I know it.”

“You know it?”

“I know it.”

“Sorry this is all there is Sam or at least I need to live as though this is all there is.”

“No Bob, couldn’t be that way. ”

“I think it’s just vanity and the fear of dying that makes people believe in that.”

“Nope. The proof is in your playing Bob. There’s no way a person could develop that in one lifetime absolutely no way.”

“Anybody could play the way I play.”

“No Bob, not anybody no way.”

“You remember past lives?”


“Tell me.”

“Doesn’t work that way Bob.”

“Doesn’t work that way?”

“It’s accessible under certain conditions, not in this body at this time.”

“Ok, see you next Wednesday.”



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