About Sam Larkin: brick through glass

sam-posterSam gave me advice when I was in my early 20s about establishing a career.

“I don’t know what to do Sam, it’s like a fixed game.”

“It’s easy Bob I know what you need to do.”


“You go to 1rst Canadian place and you throw a brick at the entrance, smash the windows. In broad daylight.”

“Smash the windows?”

“The front doors. Exactly. And while they take you away, the police that is, you make sure you explain I’m Bob Wiseman The MUSICIAN!  – you simply insist that that’s who you are. ”

“Uh huh.”

“I’m telling you Bob, make sure you are quoted, always, as MUSICIAN Bob Wiseman every time you speak about what you did, like every single time. And they’ll want to hear you, they’ll want to know what you got, where it is, what it sounds like. Or maybe you say I’m Bob WIseman SONGWRITER… whatever. That’s how you do it.”

“I’m not sure I can do that Sam.”

“It’s very simple Bob.”

“Okay thanks, see you next Week.”

“We’ll read about you in the papers, Bob. Good luck.”

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  1. When I read this conversation, I could hear Sam’s voice


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