About Sam Larkin: quantity


“Did you write anything last week?”

“Ya, I wrote 2 songs maybe 3.”

“Wow, amazing.”

“I didn’t write 3 amazing songs …but 3 songs, ya.”


“Let you in on a real secret Bob, it’s about quantity not quality.”

“Quantity not quality.”

“That’s correct. Quantity not quality.”


“Maybe something good is in there but, chiefly put, the task is to keeping it flowing.  Maybe some of this is great stuff maybe some of it is just nuts but you gotta write all the time.”

“I get it.”

“Quantity not quality. That’s the name of the game. (looks both ways then adds confidentially) If you’re thinking about quoting me I suggest you start right there. There will be a test next week so make sure you study all this crap Bob.”

Okay Sam, thanks. Next week.”



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