50 Cent and Vitamin Water?!

Somewhere in America they love me – or at least they did one day last August when a writer for Earbits named Scott Feldman was given the assignment of reviewing my current release.

What’s more special in my memory banks,  being dissed by Richard Flohil or celebrated by Scott Feldman? Not hard a query to answer – Scott lemme buy you a drink sometime. But unfortunately my new best friend, Scott – got the message to one song wrong.

Does that mean everyone doesn’t get it? Oh no. Take a listen before reading further. See what you think the song is about.

Lobbyists at Parliament

Ok are you back?….. I can’t hear you. I said are you back? (people yell into their computers) That’s better, thanks everybody.

So Scott thought that song was about the music industry. uh uh. It is about the people who manipulate or facilitate the political situation for whoever is paying. It’s about the horrible bullshit that happens as though normal, in both Canadian and American systems.

With all due respect to Scott (who as I know now is an amazing writer way better than Richard Flohil) let me ask you something.

Is it too hard to follow the joke that Bo Diddley or Little Richard were trying to “win” at acquiring a seat or a presidency or just changing laws so they could profit. It’s about Bo Diddley as a corporation. Are any of you with me or am I just way too cryptic? So sad here on my island, bye now.

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