About Sam Larkin: Describe The Project


Sam Larkin: Audio Recording grant application pt 2

Describe the project,
why you are pursuing the project,
and as an artist or group of artists how you will prepare for the project.

For this project we will arrange and play and record ten songs. These are my ten best songs to date, and Bob Wiseman, producer and arranger, and I will experiment during two weeks of pre-production by trying two or three different styles for each song. Through this process we will determine the absolute best arrangement/version for each song which will make our actual recording time more efficient.

I am pursuing this project because I believe in the melody in songs. It seems as though over the past twenty years melody has taken a back seat, or been dropped altogether, and I believe the songs and other compositions of all artists could be improved by bringing back melody. The most obvious reason is because it connects directly and instantly with something in people that doesn’t go away over time. Ideas about melodies or some kinds of melodies being exhausted or worn out is probably as inaccurate as saying the design of the tree is worn out. I know of no one who can subtly and artfully enhance melody as well as Bob Wiseman can, and I have striven in these ten songs to give this purpose a running start by writing the melodies (and, of course, the lyrics) with melody foremost in mind. This is a challenge, and a worthwhile one — to champion melody through songs that have broad appeal.

At the same time, this project helps me get new material into artists’ hands. Over my 30 years of songwriting, a steady flow of requests from publishers (Warner-Chappell, EMI, etc.) continue to seek new material from me. I’m excited by the process of songwriting and how some artists search for unique songs to record and present to their audiences.

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