the rejection of Sam Larkin’s grant application


Using your own definitions of your art form, your community and your artistic career, how will this project impact each?

This project will impact my art form (composing/performing) by taking it new places with fresh surprises. The material I have at this time can be confidently performed in the same program with composer/performers of the highest calibre, before audiences of any size, and elicit favourable, even excited responses. This proposed recording of my current artistic output will widen the confines of present understandings of what a song can be, do and have, particularly in the area of simple, yet powerful melodies. It should be understood that the producer, Bob Wiseman, is an artist and industry professional who believes in me and my work. This can only enhance my ability to accomplish great things with this project.

Good news such as that would be travels fast, far and wide amongst my peers in the composing/songwriting world, and could only spur them on to more accomplished work in their own repertoires. To help the community by being an example in this way would please me very much, since I have drawn considerable encouragement and inspiration from this community. And of course, the impetus this project would provide me to reach for ever better, different and more finely-wrought creations in my future would be beyond previous experience. In a nutshell, the project would be empowering for me and my composing/performing community, thereby helping me in my creative work throughout the future.

The proposed recording will elevate my career and open opportunities that I am ready to put to the best possible use with the highest quality of delivery.

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