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Sam Larkin: Audio Recording grant application pt 4

How will the final project be different than the submitted audio examples and how will you be able to make this change happen?

There are two audio examples submitted.

The first, “Don’t Wanna Be the One” is a rough mp3 that shows in most basic form, the melody and how the lyrics fit into it. This song will be enhanced with the addition of appropriate instrumentation, possibly vocal harmonies, and the very highest quality recording methods. My vocal will be worlds better, any instrumentalists will be brilliant professionals, and the arrangement will be something so remarkable that any listener will be drawn to play the song again. And many more times thereafter. The finished product that comes from this song will be worlds away from what is submitted here.

The second audio example submitted, “Marie,” was done with rather primitive equipment in barely adequate facilities and came about twenty-four years ago. The miracle is what Bob Wiseman was able to do with what he had to work with in that recording session, as the result has fascinated a great many listeners to this day. I am often asked about the song and told that it is still a favourite that draws people to it for a replay with some regularity. My current material, and Bob Wiseman’s mastery of arrangement and production, guarantee that we will not be making a second “Marie” during this project. We will instead be harvesting from a much older tree, deeper in the woods.

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