About Sam Larkin: Describe Yourself As An Artist


Sam Larkin: Audio Recording grant application pt 1

Describe yourself as an artist or yourselves as a group of artists, and why you pursue your art.

As an artist I can communicate with my surrounding fellow beings and hopefully the larger
world. My experiences and ways of seeing things are unique, as is true for each of us. I
believe we are better at resolving our lives as individuals and as groups if we express
ourselves in some way that is potentially entertaining. Furthermore, I think that if the
necessary ingredients for making art seem to come to you, you have a responsibility to put
them to use the best way you can. And then to share the results as widely as you can . This
kind of communication can help people simply by showing them how others feel. I know that
my art might possibly neutralize some unwanted feelings that we all experience and give
people constructive ideas concerning resolving situations in their lives. This makes doing the
art worthwhile.


  1. Thanks so much, Bob. From a man who could so entrancingly beat about the bush, this just cuts right down to it. Sam.


  2. The way this is written makes this an artistic piece in itself. It states the value of artistic pursuits clearly and beautifully. Thank you.


  3. Sam, succinct and honest, humble and talented. Unique. The photograph makes me feel homesick, in so many ways.


  4. Dear Mr. Larkin,
    We are pleased to inform you that, by a unanimous vote of sensible human beings, your grant application has been accepted.
    Yours truly,
    Ms. Greta Papershuffler


  5. Whenever I read something Sam said, I automatically smile in anticipation of the punchline. But when there is no punchline, I re-read it seriously. And still smile.


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