rejection of Sam Larkin’s last grant to record


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Sam Larkin milked the cow morning and evening when he was six years old. And continued at that till he was over twelve. His little girlfriend at school told him, “You smell like a cow.” Sam was shattered and went home and wrote a song. He was seven at the time. And has never stopped writing them. He has been playing harp since the age of three, and guitar since the age of 9. Everything he has ever written in his life has been well-received. Often with great cheering.
Because he did not grow up with television, and has never owned a television, he missed many pieces of popular culture. This unintentional withdrawal from that world has had the effect of rendering his view of the world unique. He often has the experience of not realizing what he has said till well after he has written it.
He has made five full-length recordings to date. The reviews he has received have always been excellent, comparing him to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Stan Rogers and Hank Williams.
In 1999 James Keelaghan said, “Sam Larkin is Canada’s best unknown songwriter.” In 2005 Ron Sexsmith said, “Sam Larkin is my hero.” Sam has played at least a hundred different venues in Canada, and his name is well-known and referred to with respect in many music circles. HIs song “Mirabeau Bridge (I Had a Dream)” has been sung around the world, at festivals, in clubs and on the street, spreading largely by word of mouth — one singer/performer teaching it to another.
Sam plays regularly in Toronto at least twice a week before live audiences, to a usually delighted response.

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