Canada Day Winnipeg


Sometime 20 years ago my band the Binder Specialists played Canada Day in Winnipeg. The band was named after a used car which belonged to a company called The Binder Specialists (which made us look amazing when we pulled into town with a fancy logo across the truck – the bindermobile).

This excerpt in Winnipeg was one of 25 dates we did that summer. Selina Martin, Liz Murray and Dave Lee were awesome.

Being from Winnipeg it was very strange that we had a room or two at our disposal at the bar known to Winnipegers as The Zoo. I can’t imagine we could survive sleeping a night there but I can’t remember now if we did or made a better escape.

Whoever filmed us starts and stops. It’s kind of interesting. These two songs slamspliced are Real Thing – which Ron Sexsmith once told me could be a hit, (why doesn’t anyone listen to Ron? and Stay Untraceable which in upcoming months had unique movements choreographed by Liz ad Selina. I’ll post that after I digitize the Kiel, Germany performance, the one when we scraped the top of the rental van.

Tip for future bands: try not to scrape a rental vehicle.

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