No More 468

I read about a label in the UK called Angel Air releasing Jackie Lomax’s last work. I liked Jackie Lomax and wrote a little something after he died. So I wrote Peter, the owner and asked if I might be Angel Air worthy. He wrote me back right away. For a second I imagined it might work out. I usually do, for a second.

In his third email he pointed out after doing some research he discovered my stuff is already available on Lake Michigan Soda and Blocks in the UK.

I wrote him back and explained that Lake Michigan Soda was a joke I made several years ago, about artists making sponsorship deals and don’t worry, there is no Lake Michigan Soda. And Blocks is a Toronto co-op run with band aids and carpenter’s glue by one guy who is also busy playing in his own band(s)….the gist was that my work is available for UK representation blah blah blah.

No more emails from Peter. What an incredible businessman I am.

Now I am 0 for approximately 469 attempts at finding a label in Europe (or anywhere).

Yes, 469… finally!

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  1. Love your site Bob. You’re so freaking talented and prolific.
    Always inspiring.
    470 is a charm



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