The Quick Judge

I recorded more brilliant vocals by Meg Tennant on the finalĀ  Sam Larkin record. I find when a great artist like her, tells me (after almost every take), that she didn’t do it well, that I have to smile and be agreeable because in fact she already did what I wanted plus anything really incorrect I can fix after with my super duper unnatural andĀ unbelievable pitch correcting plug ins. By the way if anyone from Antarres, Melodyne or UAD is reading this please work on a new one allowing me to change or fix the Prime minister of Canada or my bank account (I know you can do it).

I don’t mean to say she is wrong when she isn’t pleased with what she did. One should hit the mark they set but it’s also worth remembering your first response might not be the whole accurate picture.

Years ago I used to play piano improvisations in front of open stage audiences who didn’t study that type of music. Sometimes I felt as though I hit the mark and people seemed to like it. Sometimes I didn’t like what I did but people still seemed to like it. Sometimes they even complimented me afterward. In those instances I responded by telling them they were wrong, that it stunk. Probably I made them feel stupid or just think I was an asshole. That was pretty nice of me.

And then one time I heard a recording of a piano piece which I thought had been horrible but listening back I thought it wasn’t bad at all. I realized then that one shouldn’t quickly judge a performance.

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