Screeched In: Chicago Style

2013-06-15 11.00.46One of the best parts about putting a one and a half year old to sleep is when they are too pooped to remain conscious and they try to sit up but tumble head first into your noggin and the impact that would otherwise make them cry in the daytime only makes them giggle now.

This vaguely reminds me of meeting Wesley Willis in Chicago on NYE in 1997 when the beautiful Matt Suhar brought me and my band The Binder Specialists to perform along with Steve Wynn. Suddenly Matt pointed ahead.  “Wesley Willis is here!! Bobby you gotta meet him”. And I did. Wesley Willis’s way of greeting someone he liked was to head butt them. “Hellooooooo Bob Wisemaaaaaaaaaan” he said just before smashing my forehead with his.


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