Fascinating Mouse Facts

When I got home Thursday night I was told immediately by Magali that there is a mouse in our apartment. She heard it and the cat heard it near the oven. I didn’t believe it. But later when everyone else was asleep and I was still up (as usual), I heard a strange sound like glass scratching. As I approached I saw the little grey ball scurry back and forth on our kitchen counter. About the size of a fat thumb that mouse was. I left immediately  and got a hotel room.

Next day at the hardware store I looked over the poisons that make the rodent’s insides crumble, the traps that snap their spines or skulls, the glue that would stick the creature to one spot so it could starve to death while kind of in a straight jacket. I opted for the live catch trap.

I set two traps near the stove.

The next day I saw the trap doors were shut. Did that mean mice were inside them? Yes it did. Now what to do re: where to release them. Shit  Greg Keelor sold his Toronto house years ago. I decided to go to the parkette. Mouse #1 took off like lightening ran straight ahead then made a perfect right angle turn & bolted west. Then I opened the door to mouse#2 and it made exactly the same moves. I do not think mouse #2 had any opportunity to see what mouse #1 did but it ran off in the same direction so maybe they were soon reunited in winter mouse glory.

That night, proud of myself, I was disturbed to suddenly hear the mouse sound again. Was this the new norm? I set the traps and sure enough I woke up at 3am and noticed the trap’s door closed. I got dressed and decided to release it outside then and there because I imagined it was in a state of panic confined and all. This mouse was smaller than the first two. It raced off towards my neighbours house or maybe the gutter, it was dark. We haven’t had any more since then but I’m keeping the traps ready.

What lessons can we, who work in the music business, often owned by mice (or rats) draw from this experience?

  1. When a record label shows up you probably won’t believe it.
  2. It is up to you to research the possibilities re: what sort of future you might have.
  3. Make informed choices so you have no regrets about your actions.
  4. Sometimes there are more than you expected.
  5. Sometimes there are none.
  6. Keep you instrument in working order and keep writing.
  7. Don’t assume it’s over.




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