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(Email Feb 1rst)

Hello, I’m a musician from Altona originally, (remember us Bob?) I play drums and I want to be in the best city to help my future. Would you give me your two cents whether I should move to Toronto or Vancouver? Thank you

Dear Bestcitysearcher

Altona, who could forget Altona, the Sunflower Capitol of Manitoba. When you are young and trying to make a living as a musician, generally you can’t avoid having to get a joe-job. Either in a restaurant or a hotel or a gas station – whatever. It might be how you afford rent while you try to establish your musical career. Possibly a few years will pass that way.

I think the same problems will be faced whether you are in Toronto, Vancouver, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Berlin but in those other cities more shit can happen quicker because more power brokers from the music business are there.

Move to Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris or Berlin. Don’t be intimidated by how big those cities are or how expensive. By virtue of your age and circumstance you are probably perfect right now as a dishwasher, production assistant or a pizza delivery driver etc. in all of those cities. While you build you natural networks of the people and friends for the real reason you are there. It might come together it might not but the pay off is more exciting in the bigger smokes. That’s my two cents, forget Toronto and Vancouver.







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