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This is Giuseppina Pasqualino or (Pippa Bacca). A performance artist from Italy who in in March 2008 started a pilgrimage/ performance to hitchhike from Milan to Jerusalem – wearing a bridal gown. She wanted to demonstrate that she trusted people, local people and that people have to get along if there ever is to be peace and trust otherwise it’s all pointless pain. She also organized meetings with midwives along the way who she wanted to greet and wash their feet. I guess she wanted to marry the the goodness in people.


Another performance artist friend, Silvia Moro traveled with her, also hitchhiking in a bridal gown. Together they went through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Turkey.   Their hope was in the end to go through Palestine and Israel showing how people are just people. Silvia was a little freaked out by one of the last rides they took. She didn’t like the feeling of the three men who stopped but Pippa insisted they take it. The ride was safe but it strained their relationship because Pippa’s philosophy was to accept whoever offered and Silvia didn’t want to neglect her gut feelings.

After that experience they made a new plan to rendezvous 3 weeks later in Beirut and in the meantime separate.  Pippa was murdered days later in Turkey by a man who picked her up, she was 33. He was caught later when he used her simm card. Now it is the 8th anniversary of that trip.





  1. Poppa was not only a very dear friend of mine, she was also a housemate while we were both living in Ireland. I will forever be heartbroken over what happened to her. She was beautiful inside and out. I am crying now just in writing this. I can only describe her as a butterfly. A very beautiful butterfly.


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